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Visual Air offer many Aerial services so please get in touch with any queries for jobs required

We can also offer full production packages for promotional videos to save on costs which includes full editing and music licensing.

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Aerial photography can really make your property stand out from the crowd. We can offer both Aerial and ground photography as a package to save on costs and produce images to a very high professional standard.

We can also create a promotional video of your property to add that wow factor

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Needing an event covered?, we can offer just Aerial filming or both Aerial and ground filming including editing and music licensing to produce a final package for your needs.

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Using a UAV/Drone we are able to get to places where people cant go which also lowers the risk of danger as we are able to inspect a roofs, or old building without a danger to anyone.

Also we have the ability for you to control the camera using a second controller whilst viewing a live feed, which may aid in pin pointing areas to inspect while the pilot concentrates on flying the UAV/Drone.

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