There are 3 types of charger which are officially avaliable for the Inspire 1 from Dji, one being the 100w standard charger, a 180w fast charger (although not really much faster) and the 4 way charger. Now there is a company called SmartPowerCharge who have created a commercial quality charger for the Inspire1 called the Smart Powercharger funilly enough. This consists of one 500watt powersupply that can charge 4 Inspire 1 batteries, 2 RC units and 2 Tablets, all at the same time. The charge rate is set at 1c so similar to the standard 100w charger, but it has all sorts of electrical wizardry inside which monitors voltage & temperature of each battery.

Now what I love about this, is its convenience of being able to charge 4 batteries (I only have 3 at the moment) and both RC`s and both tablets at the same time, and not have to mess about with various chargers and adaptors to make sure everything is topped up for each flying session. There have been complaints that the charger doesnt charge quick enough, but too be honest, Lipo batteries are temperamental, and I have always charged lipos at 1c even with the huge s900 batteries. Takes about 80-90mins to charge up a 4500mah Inspire battery from 25%. It is the last 10% which is important because all 6 cells need to be balanced otherwise you will start having voltage issues. If I am on a job and wanting to charge onlocation then with all the pre and post flight checks and copying footage over from the camera, you could easily have continual flight runs just with using 4 batteries and this power charger. It is more than enough for my needs and I am looking at ways to charge onlocation with either a pure sine wave inverter or generator. 800watts is required with an invertor so will update when I do decide.

There is also an option of deep cycling your batteries, which is a requirement every 10 or so charges. Basically if you are below 30%, press the deep cycle button and the charger will discharge the battery to 8% and then recharge to 100% automatically.

The ability to upgrade the firmware is possible as well, and I believe an app is being developed for more telemetry. I would love to see a feature that allows the charger to balance charge the batteries to storage capacity as alot of the time if I am not using the Inspire for a few days I like to leave the batteries at storage and just top up before a flight.

I am sure over time new chargers will be released, but for now this is a brilliant bit of kit, extremely well built, and worth its expense. Costs were £420 delivered from to the UK. Droneland are the european distributors.

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