Supercar Drive Days Promo Film

I went to Dunsfold in August to create a promo film of a supercar experience day with the company mixing Drone with Ground, and first person view shots using an Osmo action, you can see the video below…

12,000 years of Combat at Arundel Castle

I was invited back to document the garderns in Arundel Castle as it was their annual Tulip Festival. Whilst drone always looks great, the ground filming was especially important here to really pick out the detail and colour, plus blue skies is always a bonus

Alexandra Palace East Court Artwork

1200 sqm painted floor artwork in the East Court of Alexandra Palace, London, by the amazing artists Art + Believe. Using a mix of Ground and drone filming I created a short film of this amazing artwork which is available to see in the East Court of Alexandra Palace.


Paddle Around the Pier 2018

In July I captured the Paddle Around the Pier event by air. Was a glorious weekend and some of the best conditions to be out on the sea which made launching a drone from the boat so easy to do

Rampion Windfarm

With access to a boat, i did a bit of filming at the Rampion Wind Farm. Looking to create a film of this but its difficult timing with calm conditions when I am not working on other jobs.

Aerial filming for a music video

Back in the summer of 2016, I was commissioned to capture some aerial footage on set of a music video being produced. This consisted of being in a fairly confined space and primarily over a pool, but a very enjoyable and successful shoot. The video can finally be seen below called “Odds are stacked” by…