Aerial filming for a music video

Back in the summer of 2016, I was commissioned to capture some aerial footage on set of a music video being produced. This consisted of being in a fairly confined space and primarily over a pool, but a very enjoyable and successful shoot. The video can finally be seen below called “Odds are stacked” by…


Aerial Filming The Lake District

Continuing on my travels for a week of shooting, part of this perfume commercial involved going to the Lake District. Surprisingly another first visit for me, but a successful shoot and I cant wait to see the final edit. This included a Fell runner over mountainous land and a rower over Lake Windemere, Images below are what…


Filming at Cornwall at Golden Hour

So a recent project took me to Cornwall to get aerial footage for a perfume commercial of a horse rider galloping up the beach towards St Micheal’s Mount. Graced with amazing morning Golden Hour light, the final edit should look quite special. I cant share any actual images used from the film yet but a…


Night Filming in Brighton with a drone

Due to having permissions in place for Night operations with a drone, I recently captured some night footage for a Brighton & East London based movie which has been years in the making. The power of working with Cinema DNG and a fast lens allowed for nice clean footage and I am really excited to see the…


Autumn in Sussex

After quite a mild winter, and long spell of Autumn, and outside of work commitments I tried to capture some footage of Sussex in its Autumn glory. Mixing mainly ground filming with some drone footage, I created the short film below…


Shoot Locations Aerial and Ground Filming

I was commissioned to capture a mix of aerial footage, and ground footage to promote a shoot locations company based in Brighton. Filmed in a day an edit was created below… Photos were required too

A mix of Inspire 1 RAW, and Sony A7r2

Car Bodywork and hydro dipping company

Working with a local car bodyworks company, I was asked to capture photos and also create a short Promo film of the company. This was a mix of ground and aerial filming which can be seen below. and licensed music which can be seen below..

Aerial Filming for Audi Magazine

In early October I was asked to get aerial footage for Audi magazine of the new Audi Q7 E-Tron. Instead of flying up, I decided to drive up as having all my gear and charging equipment at hand makes life much easier when on the go. Plus taking a drone on the plane is never ideal!…


Aerial filming at the Grove Golf Course

Working with my friends at seethat, I was asked to help get some aerial footage for a promotional video of the very prestigious Golf Club in Watford called The Grove. It was always going to be a bit of a gamble with the weather, but after a bit of a cloudy start we were graced…