I was commissioned by the Sussex Wildlife Trust in the summer to create an aerial film of the RYE harbour nature reserve.

Quite a bit of planning was required for this as being that this is a nature reserve, it is a very sensitive area to use a drone. At my side was Dr Barry Yates who is the manager of the nature reserve, and with binoculars at hand to keep an eye on birds in near proximity of the drone to make sure there was minimal disturbance.

We also needed to get permission from English Heritage as Camber Castle is part of the reserve. A peregrine falcon was nesting in the tower of castle and we managed to get footage required without causing any unnecessary disturbance again.

A very successful shoot, and a very hot day too. Think it might have been the hottest day of the year in the UK!

Filmed mainly with the Inspire X5R and a couple of shots using a Phantom 3.

With thanks too..


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